The Hwarang are said to have been founded by a great warrior-philosopher who sought to unite the realm through the power of martial arts. According to legend, this founder studied under the tutelage of the gods themselves, learning the secrets of combat and enlightenment. He then gathered a group of students, whom he trained in the arts of combat and virtue. These students became the first Hwarang, and their teachings spread throughout the realm. Today, the Hwarang are known for their strict code of honor and their mastery of martial arts, which emphasize speed, agility, and grace.


Hwarang Master NPC:

Public Area (044,045 Cold Iron)


Hwarang Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Haircut Grant the ability for a player to change their hair Trident (1)

250 Coins

50 Take Down Leap/Backstab Zanbato (1)

10k Coins

50 Stealth Form Become invisible (Does not increase damage) Flourspar (1)

150 Coins

75 Spearman’s Stance Reduce Damage by 50%, increase attack range to 9-way cone Electra (1)

25k Coins

75 Balanced Stance Reduce Damage by 50%,increase attack range to 12-way diamond Head Honcho (1)

15k Coins

99 Wide Strike Strong 4-way vita attack leaving the caster with very low health Hack (1)

25k coins

Mark 1 Calm Mind HP/MP self-recovery over time Zanbato (1)

Head Hancho (1)

Hack – Mark I (1)

200,000 Coins

Mark 1 Eyes behind Prevent you from taking back damage for a shot time Giasomo Stick (1)

100,000 Coins

Mark 2 Sulsa Stance 1.8x Stance with duration and aethers Hack – Mark II

200,000 Coins