Archmages are the most powerful and knowledgeable of all wizards. They are masters of a wide range of spells and arcane knowledge, and can manipulate magic in ways that few others can. Archmages are often associated with academic institutions or secret societies, and are highly respected and sought after for their wisdom and expertise. They are typically versatile spellcasters, able to perform a wide range of magical feats such as teleportation, conjuration, and transmutation.


ArchMage Master NPC:

Public Area (005,003 Hon by the Sea; Must gain access from sewers)


ArchMage Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Valor Roleplay-oriented, increases with the strength of those around you. 1 Flourspar

150 Coins

50 Anoint 1k single-target heal 1 Gold Acron

5,000 Coins

50 Blink Moves the caster forward 3 tiles, moving through any obstacles. 1 Cannabis Leaf

1,000 Coins

50 Sanctuary Santuary reduces damage from incoming hits. 1 Cult Staff

5,000 Coins

75 Magic Flow Targetable mana over time restoration. % based off receipient’s mana, so even a small arch-magi could be effective to a strong player. 1 Paragon Staff

25,000 Coins

99 Arch-Magi’s Heal 3k single-target heal 1 Head Games

25,000 Coins

99 Lesser Restore Restore health to target based on a percentage of caster’s current mana 1 Rift

25,000 Coins

Mark 1 Forge Life 7k single-target heal 5 Cannabis Leaf

10,000 Coins

Mark 1 Holy Curse You find new knowledge of curses in an ancient tome (Scourge) 1 Cult Staff

1 Head Games

1 Rift (Mark I)

200,000 Coins

Mark 2 Earth’s Cradle 16k single-target heal 5 Cannabis Leaf

25,000 Coins

Mark 2 Curse Grounds Curse a large group of enemies at once (3×3 target Scourge) 1 Rift (Mark II)

150,000 Coins

Mark 3 Vital Charge 40k single-target heal 10 Cannabis Leaf 50,000 Coins