Bards are Masters of Music, storytelling, and performance, using their talents to charm and manipulate their enemies and allies alike. They are also skilled combatants, using their musical instruments and spells to confuse and weaken their foes. Bards are often associated with the entertainment industry and can be found performing in taverns and other public places, but they also serve as spies, diplomats, and even military commanders.


Bard Master NPC:

Public Area (044,045 Cold Iron)


Bard Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Bardic Music Roleplay-oriented spell, makes all nearby players dance Flourspar (1)

150 coins

50 Invoke Sacrifice vita for mana Gold Acorn (1)

5000 coins

50 Annoint 1k single-target heal Katana (1)

5000 coins

50 Dye Armor Allows the caster to dye another player’s armor and coat Cannabis leaf (1)

1000 coins

50 Haste Increases party movement speed Golden Carrot (1)

5000 coins

75 Guardian Aura Lesser sanctuary effect Steel Thorn (1)

25,000 coins

99 Lay Hands 3k single-target heal Head Hunter (1)

Jag (1)

50,000 coins

Mark 1 Harmonious Joy Group Heal Katana (1)

Head Hunter (1)

Jag – Mark 1 (1)

200,000 coins

Mark 1 Forge Life 7k single-target heal Cannabis Leaf (5)

10,000 coins

Mark 2 Bard’s Melody Mana-based group heal Jag – Mark 2 (1)

200,000 coins

Mark 2 Earth’s Cradle 16k single-target heal ?
Mark 3 Vital Charge 40k single-target heal ?