The Berserkers are said to be descendants of a great warrior who once fought a mighty battle against the gods themselves. According to legend, this warrior was blessed with great strength and invincibility, but his pride and arrogance led to his downfall. In the end, the gods defeated him, but not before his spirit was imbued with the power of the heavens. This spirit was said to have been reborn in the form of the Berserkers, who inherited their ancestor’s strength and rage. Today, the Berserkers are known for their fierce fighting style and their ability to shrug off pain and injury, even as they unleash devastating attacks on their enemies.


Berserker Master NPC:

Public Area – 009,003 Cold Iron North


Berserker Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Berzerker Rage Grants +1 Might
50 Push Moves person or creature back one space. (Will not work if there is something under the person or monster)
50 Smackdown Swing-based damage that also self-heals 10% – 20% of max vita, depending on how low the caster’s health is
75 Iron Will 20s curse immunity. Also removes all active curses
99 Cut Down 8-way vita attack
99 Sunder Single-target vita attack Requires Quest
Mark 1 Savage Form All vita attacks act as though the caster is full health and caster cannot be taken below 1 vita while active
Mark 2 Bloodbath Adds a 1% of current health to swing damage 1 Hack (Mark 2)]
[200000 Coins]