Bishops are powerful spellcasters who specialize in healing and protection magic. They are often associated with organized religion and serve as leaders and advisors to their followers. Bishops use their magic to heal wounds, cure diseases, and protect themselves and their allies from harm. They are also skilled at warding off undead and demonic creatures, making them valuable in battles against the forces of darkness.


Bishop Master NPC:

Public Area (057,074 Cathay)


Bishop Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Bind Souls Marries two players Cannabis Leaf (1)

1000 coins

50 Major Cure Moderate single-target heal Green Torch (1)

5000 coins

65 Mana Fountain Target regains mana over time Gold Acorn (1)

5000 coins

70 Smite Single target zap Acorns (80)

Raw Ruby (2)

5000 coins

70 Group Sanctuary Casts Sanctuary on all group members Gold Carrot (1)

5000 coins

75 Group Atone Removes curses from all group members Elm Staff (1)

12,500 coins

88 Harden Body Caster becomes temporarily immune to all damage Green Torch (1)

12,500 coins

95 Fountain of Life Improved single target heal Head Strong (1)

25,000 coins

99 Room Scourge Casts scourge on all enemies in a room Shillelagh (1)

25,000 coins

99 Restore Heals target based on casters current mana Cult Staff (2)

Gold Carrot (10)

Gold Acorn (10)

200,000 coins

99 Unburden Soul Grants forgiveness to a troubled soul by sacrificing caster’s spirit (Karma Forgiveness) Dragon’s Heart (1)

10,000 coins

Mark 1 River of Life Improved single-target heal ?
Mark 1 Last Resort Group Harden Body ?
Mark 2 Spirit of Life Improved single-target heal ?
Mark 2 Flank Attacks target all creatures surrounding the caster ?