Crusaders are priests who specialize in combat and offensive magic. They are often associated with holy orders and serve as soldiers and knights of their faith. Crusaders use their magic to smite their enemies, banish undead, and protect themselves and their allies from harm. They are also skilled at close combat, using weapons such as swords and maces to strike down their foes. They are typically honorable and chivalrous, following a strict code of conduct and serving as protectors of the innocent.


Crusader Master NPC:

Public Area (017,005 Gip Village)


Crusader Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Aura of Protection Roleplay-oriented spell with minor protection effect Flourspar (1)

150 coins

50 Flank Deal damage to 4 adjacent enemies (automatically upgraded to 8-way at Mark 2) ?
75 Crosscut Vita attack with overflow targeting in front of the caster ?
? Templar’s Might Swing damage multiplier, stacks with rage and other effects ?
? Fist of Judgment Taunts and draws in enemies within a 3-tile radius ?
99 Giant’s Call Increase the vitality of all party members by 10% ?
99 Holy Smite Powerful 4-way vita attack ?
Mark 1 Templar’s Revenge 12-way AoE scourge Green Torch (1)

Head Strong (1)

Shillelagh (Mark 1) (1)

200k coins

Mark 1 Crusader’s Fortitude Group heal Tiger Fang (1)

Shillelagh (1)

100k coins

Mark 2 Templar Strike 8-way vita attack Shillelagh (Mark II) (1)

200,000 Coins