According to legend, the Dragonborn are descended from a powerful dragon who once roamed the skies above the realm. The dragon was said to have taught its followers the secrets of martial arts, imbuing them with the strength and wisdom of the dragons themselves. Over time, the Dragonborn grew in number and power, becoming some of the most fearsome warriors in the land. Today, they are known for their mastery of dragon magic and their fierce fighting style, which incorporates the movements and techniques of the great dragons themselves.


DragonBorn Master NPC:

Public Area (037,013 Blackstrike Tower Eye)


DragonBorn Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Dragon Form Take on the form of a Dragon 1 Cannabis leaf

1000 coins

50 Dragon Breath Use the mighty breath of a Dragon 1 Flourspar

150 coins

60 Minor Rage A lesser version of 99 rages 1 Zanbato

10000 coins

99 Vigor Heal
99 Dragon’s Redemption Vita attack -|
99 Dragon’s rage Rage that hits harder than normal rage
Il San Provoke Room Room Taunt
Il San Flametongue Fire proc on melee swing 8% of swing
Ee San Dragon’s regen 80? second vita regen
ee san Greater Dragon rage Start off at rage 2 @ 850?
Oh san Dragon Guard 25 second Mana shield