Medics are priests who specialize in healing and support abilities, but with a focus on combat. They are often found on the front lines of battles, where they use their magic to heal wounds, remove negative effects, and revive fallen allies. Medics are also skilled at buffing and debuffing, boosting the strength of their allies and weakening their enemies. They are typically selfless and brave, willing to put themselves in harm’s way to save others.


Medic Master NPC:

Public Area (126, 075 Cathay)


Medic Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Compassion RP Spell, Screen wide heal for 50 vita. Flourspar (1)

150 coins

50 Sex Change RP Spell, Allows you to change someone’s sex for 1 raw hematite Cannabis leaf (1)

1,000 Coins

50 Minor Medkit Create an AOE heal around you. Gold acorn (1)

5,000 Coins

50 Dash Short range teleport type spell
75 Cure All Removes any negative debuff from an ally.
88 Harden Body Makes you immune to damage
99 Close Call 10 second buff that heals you to 100% HP if you take fatal damage during the buff. shillelagh

25,000 Coins

99 Medkit Stronger AOE heal around you
99 Haste Increase movement speed of party
99 Scalpel Strike Powerful single target vita attack
Mark I Call Artillery Powerful AOE Damage spell Raw Sapphire (25)

75,000 coins

Mark I Plague “Smart” scourge, casts scourge on targets around you without having to select a target. Green Torch

Head strong

Shillelagh (Mark 1)

200,000 coins

Mark I Large Medkit Stronger AOE heal around you 5 Cannabis leaf

10,000 coins

Mark II Enhanced Medkit Stronger AOE heal around you Cannabis leaf (5)

25,000 Coins

Mark II Strategic Swap Swap places with someone in your group Shillelagh (Mark 2)

50,000 Coins

Mark II Flank 4-way flank 100,000 Coins
Mark III Epic Medkit Stronger AOE heal around you
Mark IV Legendary Medkit Stronger AOE heal around you
Mark V Master’s Medkit Drop a Medkit over an area! Raw Malachite (20

Raw Hematite (20)

Raw Sapphire (100)

Shillelagh (Mark V)

Cannabis Leaf (10)

1,000,000 Coins