Paladins are said to have been created by the gods themselves, imbued with divine power and the strength of the heavens. According to legend, the first Paladins were charged with defending the realm against the forces of darkness, and they fought bravely against demons and other evil spirits. Over time, the Paladins became more numerous, forming knightly orders and holy orders that spread throughout the realm. Today, Paladins are known for their unwavering devotion to their gods, their unbreakable will, and their ability to channel divine power through their weapons and their bodies.


Paladin Master NPC:

Public Area (010, 003 East Gate of Cathay)


Paladin Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Read Karma Read karma, no requirements to cast, 180s cooldown Cannabis Leaf (1)

1000 coins

50 Annoint 750hp heal, 150 mana to cast, 0s cooldown Zanbato (1)

5000 coins

50 Sever Bond Divorce spell, targetable, no requirement to cast, 0s cooldown Blood Stone (1)

Wedding Ring (1)

1000 coins

50 Invoke Sacrifice 30% of mana to refill vita, 30s cooldown Gold Acorn (1)

5000 coins

50 Aura of Good Roleplay effect spell for 30 seconds, 300s aethers Flourspar (1)

150 coins

60 Holy Cleanse Self-atone,  50 mana to cast, 0s cooldown Raw Sapphire (2)

2000 coins

75 Call to Arms 300s minor sanctuary 60 mana to cast, 0sec cooldown Electra (1)

25,000 coins

99 Lay Hands 3000hp heal, 300 mana to cast, 0s cooldown Hack (1)

25,000 coins

99 Provoke Room Full room/screen taunt, 25s cooldown Head Honcho (1)

25,000 coins

Mark 1 Forge Life 7000hp heal, 700 mana to cast, 0s cooldown Cannabis Leaf (5)

10,000 coins

Mark 1 Divine Restoration Targetable restore. Expend 30% of remaining mana to cast 400% that mana amount on target, 10s cooldown Zanbato (1)

Head Honcho (1)

Hack – Mark 1 (1) 200,000 coins

Mark 2 Curse Evil 8-way vex curse Hack – Mark 2 (1)

150,000 coins

Mark 2 Earths Cradle 16000hp heal, 1600 mana to cast, 0s cooldown Cannabis Leaf (5)

25,000 coins

Mark 3 Vital Charge 40000hp heal, 2000 mana to cast, 0s cooldown 10 Cannabis Leaf, 50,000 coins