Phoenix wizards are highly skilled in fire magic and can manipulate flames in ways that few others can. They are often associated with the mythical bird of the same name, and are highly respected for their mastery of this powerful elemental force. Phoenix wizards can summon and control flames, creating walls of fire, explosions, and other destructive effects. They are also skilled at healing magic, using the regenerative powers of fire to heal wounds and purify toxins. They are typically confident and passionate, with a fiery temperament to match their magical abilities.


Phoenix Master NPC:

Public Area (111,060 Woods of North Hon)


Phoenix Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Ride Horse Summon and ride a horse 1 Cannabis leaf

1,000 coins

50 Fiery Rebirth Adds +1 Grace to everyone on map 1 Flourspar

150 coins

50 Phoenix Overload Temporary boost to all zap attacks 5 raw ruby,

2,000 coins

55 Wing of Flames Targetable mana-based AoE (3×3) 1 Cult Staff

10,000 coins

75 Flash fire Blinds all foes surrounding caster (usable in PVP) 1 Kumiho tail

50,000 coins

95 Phoenix Soar Soar past enemies while raining fire on them – AoE attack that deals initial burst damage and then continues burning tick damage (8×3) 1 Rift

25,000 coins

99 Phoenix Rampage Stronger Rampage than Wizard’s Rampage – increased damage multiplier on zaps at each tier and mark 1 Head Games

1 Rift

50,000 coins

Mark 1 Rise from the Ashes 5-way Resurrection spell on caster that can be cast while dead. (Self-rez+4 adjacent tiles) 1 Cult staff

1 Head games

1 Rift (Mark I)

200,000 coins

Mark 2 Flame Grounds Massive mana-based AoE that deals tick damage.  Must be targeted on an ally (5×5) 1 Rift (Mark II)

350,000 coins