Rangers are skilled hunters and trackers who specialize in ranged combat and wilderness survival. They are often found in forests, mountains, and other natural environments, where they use their keen senses and knowledge of the land to stalk prey and defend against threats. Rangers are also adept at archery, using their bows and arrows to strike from a distance. They are typically self-reliant and prefer to work alone or with a small group of like-minded individuals.


Ranger Master NPC:

Public Area (019,074 Wilderness)


Ranger Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Ride Deer Summons a deer and allows the player to ride wild deer Cannabis Leaf (1)

1000 coins

50 Hunter’s Eye Cosmetic spell, does nothing Flourspar (1)

150 coins

50 Bow Stance Casters bow range is extended to three spaces in front of the player Gold Acorn (1)

5000 coins

50 Shatter Strike Casters bow range is extended to strike 3 targets around the player Raw Ruby (5)

2000 coins

50 Ranged Stance Casters bow range is extended to strike 9 targets in front of the player, reduces damage by 30%. Katana (1)

5000 coins

55 Strafe Stance Casters bow range is extended to strike 9 targets spread out (Cone), reduces damage by 30%. Gold Carrot (1)

5000 coins

85 Piercing Shot Shoot a piercing shot, hits enemies in the same direction as your stance. Damage affected by Vitality, Mana and Cunning. Steelthorn (1)

25,000 coins

99 Snipe Snipe a target from afar, 12 tile range vita. Head Hunter (1)

Jag (1)

50,000 coins

Mark 1 Stun Trap Stackable paralysing trap Katana (1), Head Hunter (1), Jag Mark 1 (1), 200000 coins
Mark 2 Falcon Strike Ranged vita attack, can target enemy, can not be used in pvp Woodlands Bow Mark 2 (1), 200000 coins