Scoundrels are the masters of deception and subterfuge. They specialize in ranged combat and can use their agility and cunning to outmaneuver their opponents. Scoundrels are experts at using stealth to their advantage, sneaking up on enemies to deliver devastating attacks. They can use a variety of weapons, including Sword, dagger, knife, and can wear light armor for increased mobility.



  • Scoundrels Cunning: Advance attack damage buff. Has 3 different tiers
  • Vigor: Heal 1,000 HP
  • Assassinate: Upgrade to mangle; burst damage
  • Sleep Trap: Put enemies to sleep


Role in a Party:

Scoundrels are versatile players who can fulfill a variety of roles in a party. They are excellent damage dealers and can provide valuable support through their debuff abilities. They are also useful for completing stealth-based missions and sneaking past enemy patrols.



Scoundrels can equip a variety of melee and ranged weapon such as, knife, bow, sword, dagger. They also wear light armor to increase their mobility and agility.



Scoundrels are best suited for players who enjoy a versatile playstyle that can adapt to different situations. They are well-suited for players who enjoy using stealth to their advantage and prefer ranged combat over melee. Scoundrels require careful positioning and tactical thinking to be effective in combat.


Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
Level 05 Minor Invisible Turn Invisible increasing Weapon Damage 10 Dead Rabbit
10 Acorn
50 Coins
Level 09 Heal Others Heal [XX] amount of Targets HP 70 Acorn
40 Coins
Level 11 Dagger Throw Single Target Ranged Attack 1 Aloe
50 Acorn
150 Coins
Level 15 Squirrles fury Increases Attack Damage 1 Slime Stone
1 Flourspar
150 Coins
Level 18 Ambush Leap over enemy 10 Dead Rat
500 Coins
Level 24 Flash Trap Set a trap on the ground that blinds enemy 1 Gold Carrot
250 Coins
Level 25 Detect Ambush Reveals mob traps and ambush 1 Light Fox Fur
10 Red Fox Fur
2 Flourspar
100 Acorn
250 Coins
Level 28 Amnesia Makes enemies forget they saw you 1 Rabbits Foot
20 Black Fox Fur
50 Acorn1,200 Coins
Level 30 Stags Fury Upgrade from Squirrles Fury; Increase Damage 1 Light Fox Fur
20 Red Fox Fur
150 Acorns
300 Coins
Level 34 Invisible Upgrade from Minor Invisible; Increase Damage 1 Flourspar
1 Kumiho Tail
500 Coins
Level 40 Relief Restore 400 HP 1 Cannabis Leaf
100 Acorn
300 Coins
Level 45 Mimic Take on the form of another 1 Steel Chakram
500 Coins
Level 50 Stealth Stance Maintain Stealth; not useable with Invisible 1 Katana
1000 Coins
Level 50 Mangle Burst Damage at cost of HP 1 Stiletto
2 Garnet
50 Acorn
500 Coins
Level 56 Lions Fury Upgrade to Stags Fury; Increase Damage 1 Katana
1 Rabbit Foot
180 Acorn
1000 coins
Level 66 Spear Trap Moderate Single Target Trap 3 Gold Carrot
400 Coins
Level 75 Poisoned Shriken Single Target Stun 10 Raw Sapphire
190 Acorn
5,000 Coins
Level 80 Mammoths Fury Upgrade to Lions Fury; Increase Damage 1 Head Strong
10,000 Coins
Level 99 Sleep Trap Put your enemies to sleep 4 Gold Carrot
10,000 Coins
Level 99 Assassinate Upgrade to Mangle; Burst Damage 1 Whisper Bracelet
1 Crimson Gauntlet
1 Cult Staff
50,000 Coins
Level 99 Vigor Heal 1,000 HP 1 Cannabis Leaf
25,000 Coins
Level 99 Scoundrels Cunning Advanced attack damage buff, has 3 different tiers 1 Jag
1 Tiger Key
1 Pocket Watch
50,000 Coins
Mark 1 Salvation Heal 2,000 HP

1 Cannabis

10,000 Coins

Mark 1 Race Jump 2 Spaces 100,000 Coins
Mark 1 Enchant Enchants Weapon to do Additional Damage

2 Head Hunter

2 Steel Thorn

1 Jag (Mark 1)

40,000 Coins

Mark 2 Bladestorm Unleash a massive bladestorm! 400,000 Coins
Mark 2 Chance 60% chance to cast invoke!

5 Gold Carrot

5 Gold Acorn

250,000 Coins

Mark 2 Shadow’s Blade Enchants your weapon for bonus damage!

4 Head Hunter

4 Steel Thorn

1 Jag (Mark 2)

60,000 Coins

Mark 2 Dragon’s Breath Heal 3,200 HP

1 Cannabis Leaf

25,000 Coins

Mark 2 Shatter Your swings strike surrounding mobs

5 Raw Ruby

2,000 Coins

Mark 3 Mending of the Soul Heal 4,000 HP

5 Cannabis Leaf

50,000 Coins

Mark 3 Blade’s Charm Enchant your weapon for bonus damage! 80,000 Coins
Mark 3 Brutality Expend your life force to attack with Brutality!

1 Jag

1 Hack

600,000 Coins

Mark 4 Shadow’s Subterfuge Enchant your weapon for bonus damage!

20 Raw Malchite

20 Raw Hematite

100 Raw Sapphire

100 Raw Ruby

1 Jag (Mark 4)

450,000 Coins

Mark 4 Storm of Misery Weaken enemies around you (sc) (PVE only) 500,000 Coins
Mark 4 Lord’s Vigor Heal 1% of Max Vita!

4 Head Hunter

4 Steel Thorn

1 Jag (Mark 4)

450,000 Coins

Mark 4 Swashbuckler Strike Ambush multiple foes 1,000,000 Coins