Shadows are assassins and spies who specialize in stealth and deception. They are often trained by secret organizations or shadowy guilds, where they learn to move silently, pick locks, and gather information without being detected. Shadows are also skilled at combat, using their quick reflexes and deadly accuracy to strike from the shadows and take down their enemies quickly and quietly. They are typically ruthless and pragmatic, willing to do whatever it takes to complete their missions.


Shadow Master NPC:

Public Area (017, 008 Shores of Hon (hidden between a few trees))

Shadow Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Grant Invisibility Makes others invisible ?
50 Fuddle Makes people perform emotes ?
50 Pounce Teleports caster to target and does a small amount of damage ?
55 Quick Stab Temporarily increase your swing damage! ?
75 Greater Invisible Upgrade to invisible that does extra damage but breaks when hitting a monster ?
99 Greater Stealth Stance Upgrade to Stealth Stance, increasing damage and does not break upon hitting a target ?
Mark 1 Dash Dash forward a few steps. (2s aethers) [1 Katana]

[1 Head Hunter]

[1 Jag (Mark 1)]

[200,000 coins]

Mark 1 Shadow Bomb Set a bomb and detonate it. Does AoE damage in a diamond around bomb location. ?
Mark 2 Knife Flurry Throw knives recklessly around you. Does AoE damage around you. ?
Mark 2 ? ? ?