Spellthieves are rogues who specialize in stealing spells and magical powers from their enemies. They are often trained in the arcane arts themselves, but they prefer to steal spells from other spellcasters, making them an invaluable asset in battles against other magic users. Spellthieves are also skilled at disabling traps and locks, as well as sneaking around undetected. They are typically opportunistic and resourceful, using their skills to gain an advantage in any situation.


Spellthief Master NPC:

Public Area (073,067 Lortz Territory)


Spellthief Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Benign Transposition Swap with Party Member Flourspar (1)

150 Coins

50 Filch Take an item from the ground in front of you Cannabis leaf (1)

150 Coins

50 Freeze 5-Way Enemy Paralyze Katana (1)

10,000 Coins

65 Drain Foe Absorb HP and MP from enemy Steel Thorn (1)

25,000 Coins

75 Hex Cast a curse on your enemy Steel Thorn (1)

25,000 Coins

99 Grenade Throw Throw a grenade Head Hunter (1)

Jag (1)

50,000 Coins

Mark 1 Greater Hex A stronger version of Hex Katana (1)

Head Hunter (1)

Jag (Mark I) (1)

200,000 Coins

Mark 1 Bag of Tricks Surprise your enemies (and yourself) with one of three amazing tricks! Jag (1)

125,000 Coins

Mark 2 Thunder Blade Deal extra damage to your enemies! Jag (Mark II) (1)

200,000 Coins

Mark 3 Snatch Magic Steal Harden Body from a Bishop or Medic.


Sun Blade (1)

Ma-hwang’s Spear (1)

Long Spear (1)

500,000 Coins