Vampire wizards are dark and mysterious figures who have mastered the art of necromancy and blood magic. They are often associated with undead creatures and are feared and reviled by many. Vampire wizards can manipulate the life force of living creatures, using their magic to drain their blood and sustain themselves. They are also skilled at raising the dead and controlling undead creatures, making them powerful foes on the battlefield. They are typically solitary and secretive, preferring to keep their dark powers hidden from the world.


Vampire Master NPC:

Public Area (111,060 Woods of North Hon)


Vampire Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Vampire’s Bite The Vampire bites their victim and briefly slurs their speech.(Role play spell, 60s aethers) 1 Flourspar

150 Coins

50 Obfuscate Hide in plain sight.

(160s invisibility / no aethers)

1 Flourspar

1 Kumiho Tail

500 Coins

50 Disguise Self The Vampire uses glamour to temporarily change their appearance.

(Role play spell, 90s dura / 30s aethers)

1 Cannabis Leaf

1,000 Coins

50 Call Familiar A 9 way targetable attack based on vita.

(20s aethers)

1 Cult Staff

10,000 Coins

75 Drain Foe A targeted attack based on mana, which heals the Vampire for 25% max vita.

(18s aethers)

1 Paragon Staff

25,000 Coins

99 Demon’s Delight A targeted vita attack. (24s aethers) 1 Head Games

1 Rift

50,000 Coins

Mark 1 Drain Mind A targeted attack with damage based on vita, that restores 50% max mana. When used in PK, it removes 30% of the targets max mana.

(25s aethers)

1 Cult Staff

1 Head Games

1 Rift(Mark I)

200,000 Coins

Mark 2 Hands of Cthulhu A 37 tile AOE attack based on vita and mana.

(50s aethers)

1 Rift(Mark II)

350,000 Coins