Warlocks are wizards who have made pacts with powerful supernatural entities in exchange for increased magical abilities. They are often associated with darker magic and are feared and distrusted by many. Warlocks are highly independent, relying on their own cunning and strength to get what they want. They use their magic to control demons and other powerful creatures, as well as to inflict damage on their enemies. They are typically solitary and secretive, preferring to keep to themselves and their dark dealings.


Warlock Master NPC:

Public Area (117,142 Hon)


Warlock Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
50 Face Change Places a trap on the ground underneath the caster that when walked on, allows the person to select a different face for their character. Consumes 2 Raw Sapphire on casting. 300s Aethers. Cannabis Leaf (1)

1,000 coins

50 Summon Spirits Cosmetic spell that raises will by +1 for 30s. Subject to change in Appearance and Effect. 300s Aethers. Flourspar (1)

1,000 coins

50 Voodoo Strike 5-Way target-able attack. Deals 1.125x mana to 0ac. Costs 20% current mana to cast. 12s Aethers. Cult Staff (1)

10,000 coins

75 Ancient Curse Targetable Single target Scourge. Costs 60 mana to cast. Paragon Staff (1)

25,000 coins

99 Sacrifice Single target massive damage spell. Deals damage equal to 2x current mana + .5x current vita to 0ac. Casting costs 50% current vita and 80% current mana. 23s Aethers. Head Games (1)

Rift (1)

50,000 coins

Mark I Mummify “Room” Scourge with a 3s duration paralyze. Costs 1k mana to cast. Initial paralyze can be overwritten/refreshed by frost tomb or regular paralyze. If one or the other (sc/para) is already cast, it will still cast the remaining portion. Both portions have normal chance to fail. 25s Aethers. Cult Staff (1)

Head Games (1)

Mark I Rift (1)

200,000 coins1

Mark I Deadly Plague Large target-able AoE spell. Deals damage over time equal to 15% current mana + 5% current vita per tick. Deals 9 damage ticks over a 21 tile area. Costs 16k mana + 35% of remaining mana to cast. Cannot cast under 16k mana. 50s Aethers. Rift (1)

250,000 coins

Mark II Eternal Tomb Target-able para with 15s duration. Can be used on monsters classified as “Bosses” that are otherwise unable to be paralyzed. Costs 10k mana to cast. 60s Aethers. Mark II Rift (1)

200,000 coins