Wizards are the masters of arcane magic. They specialize in dealing damage to enemies and can use their spells to control the battlefield. Wizards can use a variety of ranged spells, including fire, ice, and lightning, and can wear light armor for increased mobility.



  • Wizards Rampage: Increase overall spell damage
  • Hell Breath: Upgrade to molten flames; burst damage
  • Wizards Solace: Heal spell
  • Storm: 5 Ways targetable zap


Role in a Party:

Wizards are damage dealers and are responsible for dealing damage to enemies and controlling the battlefield. They can provide valuable crowd control through their spells, such as freezing enemies or slowing their movement speed.



Wizards can equip a variety of ranged weapon in order to increase spells damage such as, wand, staves. They also wear light armor to increase their mobility and agility.


Wizards are best suited for players who enjoy dealing damage from a distance and prefer to control the battlefield with their spells. They require careful positioning and strategic use of their abilities to be effective in combat. Players who enjoy dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies and controlling the battlefield will enjoy playing a Wizard.


Skill List:

Level Req Name Description Cost
Level 05 Zap Beginner Single Target Zap Spell [10 Dead Rabbit]
[10 Acorn]
[50 Coins]
Level 07 Lesser Paralize Paralyze your enemies [1 Stew]
[20 Acorn]
[50 Coins]
Level 09 Invoke Sacrifice Health to Create Mana [1 Apprentice Leathers]
[1 Gold Acorn]
[100 Coins]
Level 15 Wizards Heal Heals Target for 200 amount of HP [10 Small Scale]
[1 Squid Ink][150 Coins]
Level 24 Greater Zap Upgrade to Zap; Single Target Zap Spell [1 Aloe]
[2 Flourspar][50 Acorn]
[450 Coins]
Level 25 Lesser Sanctuary Magical Armor; Removes [XX] amount of AC to target [1 Lima Beans]
[10 Antler][20 Snake Meat]
[150 Coins]
Level 25 Purge Removes Poison from Target [10 Antler]
[1 Cannabis Leaf][1 Gold Acorn]
[150 Coins]
Level 30 Vex Curses an emeny, Adds [XX] amount of AC to target [1 Rabbit’s Foot]
[70 Acorns][250 Coins]
Level 32 Erupt 5-Way Targetable Zap Spell [1 Whiskey]
[1 Gold Acorn][5 Rainbow Fox Fur]
[10 Light Fox Fur]
[150 Coins]
Level 36 Return Movement Removes Paralize [1 Cannabis Leaf]
[1 Gold Acorn]
[150 Coins]
Level 40 Venom Deals Damage over Time to Target [1 Cannabis Leaf]
[3 Fine Snake Meat]
[10 Snake Meat]
[500 Coins]
Level 40 Heal Restores [XX] amount of HP to Target [1 Cannabis Leaf]
[1 Gold Acorn]
[10 Lima Beans]
[100 Coins]
Level 45 Call Lightning Upgrade to Greater Zap; Single Target Damage [1 Head Games]
[1 Gold Acorn]
[500 Coins]
Level 50 Wizards Fury Increases Spell Damage [1 Green Torch]
[1000 Coins]
Level 55 Inspire Gives Target your Mana [70 Acorn]
[100 Coins]
Level 60 Blind Blind your Enemies [1 Raw Sapphire]
[2 Raw Ruby]
[400 Coins]
Level 63 Paralize Upgrade to Lesser Paralize [1 Forbidden Fruit]
[20 Antler]
[500 Coins]
Level 65 Molten Flames Single Target Burst Damage [1 Cult Staff]
[2 Raw Ruby]
[600 Coins]
Level 65 Electrocute Upgrade to Call Lightning; Single Target Damage [1 Raw Ruby]
[70 Acorn]
[500 Coins]
Level 65 Sleep Puts Enemy to Sleep (Works on Bosses) [1 Bandits Knife]
[10 Raw Sapphire]
[1000 coins]
Level 77 Storm Strike Upgrade to Electrocute; Single Target Damage [1 Stiletto]
[3 Raw Sapphire]
[2500 coins]
Level 80 Doze Puts Enemy to Sleep (Useable in PVP) [1 Bandits Knife]
[5 Raw Sapphire]
[5000 Coins]
Level 92 Storm Upgrade to Erupt; 5 Way Targetable Zap [2 Raw Sapphire]
[3 Gold Acorn]
[5000 Coins]
Level 99 Wizards Solace Heals Target for [XX] amount of HP [2 Cannabis Leaf]
[10000 Coins]
Level 99 Hell Breath Upgrade to Molten Flames; Burst Damage [1 Paragon Staff]
[10 Stardrop]
[10 Raw Sapphire][50000 Coins]
Level 99 Wizards Rampage Upgrade to Wizards Fury; Increase Spell Damage [1 Phoenix Key]
[1 Rift]
[50000 Coins]